Walker unveils capital budget recommendations

Governor Scott Walker yesterday released his capital budget recommendations for 2017-19, detailing $803 million in projects over the next two years. Walker’s proposal defers four requested UW-Madison projects but does include significant funding for general maintenance at UW System campuses.

“We appreciate the all-agency funding included in the governor’s capital budget,” UW-Madison Vice Chancellor for University Relations Charles Hoslet said. “We understand his desire to hold down the overall bonding level but look forward to talking with legislators about whether to defer for two more years projects that are supported by program revenue and that we can afford to do now, as delaying will only increase the cost.”

UW System President Ray Cross said the funding provided in Walker’s proposal will allow for general repairs across the UW System, as well as update the technology our students are using in the classroom. He said System will work with the governor and legislators to “ensure we have adequate and refurbished teaching and living space for our students.”

“We carefully developed a reasonable capital budget plan to perform a limited amount of work each year at a steady pace.  The longer we delay these critical repairs, the more it ultimately costs students and taxpayers in the end,” Cross said.

UW System 207-19 capital budget request

Governor Walker’s 2017-19 capital budget recommendations