Governor lets tenure move stand; vetoes changes to student fees, academic staff appointments

Gov. Scott Walker issued his budget message Monday, including vetoes to some provisions affecting UW-Madison and the UW System. Walker let stand changes that remove tenure from state statute and place it in Board of Regents policy.

Among the items he vetoed were provisions to:

  • Make the use of student fees subject to the approval of the chancellor. Walker said students should decide how to spend fees they pay that support student activities. As a result of this veto, students will continue to make such decisions in consultation with the chancellor, subject to the final confirmation of the Board of Regents.
  • Allow the UW System to develop its own procurement policies. Walker said the change might result in unintended consequences and instead directed the Department of Administration to work with the Regents and UW-Madison to develop a framework that provides more flexibility in purchasing while maintaining the state’s buying power.
  • Prohibit probationary or indefinite academic staff appointments. Walker said he opposes such changes without further study of possible unintended consequences, particularly at UW-Madison, where some clinical faculty hold such appointments.
  • Alter the makeup of the Group Insurance Board and make its proposed changes subject to the approval of the Joint Committee on Employee Relations. Walker said that he supports the current composition of the board and that the committee already has a substantial role in reviewing the compensation plan for state employees.