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State Budget Toolkit

The UW-Madison state budget toolkit covers the basics of the 2021-2023 state budget, including the process, the requests from UW-Madison and UW System, details on how you can get involved and important resources.

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The State Budget Process

  • The state’s biennial (two-year) budget process can be seen as a continuous cycle, moving from preparation of agency budget requests to submission of the Governor’s budget to legislative authorization of appropriations, to agency expenditure of those appropriations, to review of agency expenditures and then, beginning again, with subsequent agency budget requests.
  • The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System reviews budget initiatives as it prepares its biennial budget request. During the Fall of each even numbered year, the Board submits this budget request to the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration.
  • UW System Budget Process Overview (PDF)


  • November: Agency budget request submitted to the governor. The governor reviews the request.
  • February: Governor introduces budget proposal.
  • March: Governor releases capital budget.
  • April – May: Joint Finance Committee modifies governor’s budget and Capital budget.
  • June: Assembly and Senate act on budget.
  • July: Governor signs budgets; issues vetoes.

Budget Timeline 2019

The 2021-2023 Budget Request

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