Walker unveils capital budget recommendations

Governor Scott Walker yesterday released his capital budget recommendations for 2017-19, detailing $803 million in projects over the next two years. Walker’s proposal defers four requested UW-Madison projects but does include significant funding for general maintenance at UW System campuses.

“We appreciate the all-agency funding included in the governor’s capital budget,” UW-Madison Vice Chancellor for University Relations Charles Hoslet said. “We understand his desire to hold down the overall bonding level but look forward to talking with legislators about whether to defer for two more years projects that are supported by program revenue and that we can afford to do now, as delaying will only increase the cost.”

UW System President Ray Cross said the funding provided in Walker’s proposal will allow for general repairs across the UW System, as well as update the technology our students are using in the classroom. He said System will work with the governor and legislators to “ensure we have adequate and refurbished teaching and living space for our students.”

“We carefully developed a reasonable capital budget plan to perform a limited amount of work each year at a steady pace.  The longer we delay these critical repairs, the more it ultimately costs students and taxpayers in the end,” Cross said.

UW System 207-19 capital budget request

Governor Walker’s 2017-19 capital budget recommendations

FAQs on self-insurance proposal offered

In an effort to provide up to date information regarding the state employee self-insurance program proposed by Governor Scott Walker in his 2017-19 budget plan, UW–Madison Office of Human Resources (OHR) will be posting questions they receive and adding answers as information becomes available. Visit the page here.

In future months, OHR will be holding educational sessions to provide information about our 2018 benefits programs.

The University of Wisconsin’s benefit plans are administered by Employee Trust Funds (ETF) and governed by the State of Wisconsin. The Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee has oversight over any self-insurance contract for state workers as required by Wisconsin State Statute 40.03(6)(L). The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) has stated that the committee needs to approve self-insurance contracts by May 1, 2017 in order to implement the change by January, 2018 as planned.

Governor’s budget includes additional funding, policy proposals

Gov. Scott Walker released on Wednesday his proposal for funding state government over the next two years, including roughly $105 million in new funding for the University of Wisconsin System, $35 million to fund a 5 percent tuition reduction, about $5.7 million more for UW System student aid through the Wisconsin Grants program, and new funding for the Wisconsin Rural Physician Residency Assistance Program and Alzheimer’s research at UW–Madison.

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Self-insurance included in state budget proposal

The Group Insurance Board (GIB) voted to move Wisconsin to a self-insured health insurance model for state workers effective Jan. 1, 2018. The GIB projects this move to save $60 million over the next two years while providing the same level of benefits to employees and retaining access to 98 percent of our current medical providers. Gov. Scott Walker’s 2017-2019 proposed budget incorporates the anticipated savings. The proposed change still requires approval by the State Legislature.

Self-insurance is a way to finance employer health insurance programs. Instead of the state paying health insurance companies a fixed amount for employee health insurance, ETF would maintain funds in a reserve to pay individual health care claims. Currently, we have three self- insured benefit programs – Uniform Dental Benefits, pharmacy benefits and our Access health insurance plan.

As we learn more details about this new program, we will continue to provide updates to you. We encourage you to view an ETF video explaining self-insurance. An FAQ on the proposal is available here.

Governor Walker delivers budget address today

Governor Scott Walker will unveil his 2017-19 budget plan at 4 p.m. today. It will be carried live on WisconsinEye. Watch it here.

Chancellor Blank releases statement on budget proposal

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank today released the following statement in response to Governor Scott Walker’s proposal for funding UW System:

I am very appreciative of the new investments Governor Walker is proposing for the UW System.

The increased funding, including additional funding for the Wisconsin Rural Physician Residency Assistance Program and our internationally recognized Alzheimer’s research program, will allow us to continue the important work of providing students with a world-class education and engaging in research that helps grow the economy and improve citizen’s health and well-being.

There are a number of policy proposals included in the governor’s budget proposal as well that we will review to determine the impact on our campus. I look forward to working with the governor and the legislature to ensure UW–Madison can continue to provide an outstanding educational experience for our students.

UW System leaders are also reacting to the governor’s proposal.

UW System President Ray Cross statement

Board of Regents President Regina Millner statement 

Board of Regents Vice President John R. Behling statement

Gov. Walker lays out UW System funding proposal

Governor Scott Walker today is visiting UW System campuses in La Crosse, Eau Claire and Green Bay as he unveils his proposal for funding UW System over the next two years. Walker will deliver his budget address tomorrow at 4 p.m.

Walker’s press release can be viewed here.

The Capital Times: Scott Walker proposes 5 percent tuition cut, $100 million funding increase for UW System

Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker proposes 5 percent tuition cut, new performance funding for UW System


Blank calls for new investment, flexibilities to maintain high quality

“Some of you run companies,” Chancellor Blank said to the Board of Regents. “You know that if you don’t invest as much as your competitors, you will fall behind.”

State revenue picture improves

A memo released yesterday by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates that general fund tax revenues will be $454.6 million higher over the next three years than previously projected.

The boost in the revenue projection is due to increased tax collections, departmental revenues and a decrease in spending, the memo says.

Wisconsin State Journal: Wisconsin’s budget picture gets $714 million brighter

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Improved revenue numbers could help state budget

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