Provost, Graduate School message to graduate assistants

The following message was sent by Provost Paul M. DeLuca Jr. and Graduate School Dean Martin Cadwallader to UW-Madison TAs and PAs on Saturday, Feb. 19

Subject: Graduate Student Tuition Remission and Related Issues

Dear Graduate Students:

We understand there is significant concern about what may occur on March 13, 2011, when the state will no longer extend the terms of the Teaching Assistants’ Association (TAA) collective bargaining agreement, should the governor’s budget repair bill pass as written.

A common question is whether tuition remission, both in-state and non-resident, for graduate assistants (including RAs, fellows, etc.) will continue.  The answer is yes.  Tuition remissions for non-resident and in-state graduate assistants will continue. Remissions are not affected by the budget repair bill or by the governor’s decision to end the agreement to extend the terms of the contract with the Teaching Assistants’ Association.

Chancellor Martin recognizes that tuition remissions are critical to the recruitment and retention of outstanding TAs, PAs and RAs. Without the best graduate assistants, the university would not be able to provide such high-quality instruction and conduct cutting-edge research. To remain competitive, we must continue to offer tuition remissions.

Another question is how graduate assistants\’ health insurance will be impacted. The Office of Human Resources has calculated the anticipated premium amounts for graduate students’ health insurance, as proposed in the budget repair bill.  Please see this FAQ site.

As for what will happen to the other terms of the contract with the TAA after March 13, the university intends to continue to act in ways that are consistent with what is in the contract.  We want to assure you we value and respect the work of TAs and PAs.  Clearly the university cannot fulfill its academic mission without you.


Paul M. DeLuca, Jr.
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Martin Cadwallader
Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Chancellor for Research